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Reconditioned 2005 Ditch Witch RT55 / New HD-624 Rockwheel       $62,500.00

Reconditioned 2005 Ditch Witch RT55 (60 HP- Deutz) equipped with a new Hydra Wheel Traversing- HD-624T Rockwheel attachment.

The RT55/HD-624T rockwheel will dig down to a depth of 24'' (60.96 cm) deep and can cut from 1.50" (4.19 cm) out to 9" (22.86 cm).

     2006 Ditch Witch RT40 / HD-418BT Rockwheel         $42,853.00

Reconditioned 2006 Ditch Witch RT40 (45 HP) equipped with an HD-418BT Traversing Rockwheel attachment.

The RT40 is powered by a 45 hp (33 kW) air cooled Deutz diesel engine. The HD418BT rockwheel attachment is a traversing attachment that can dig from the centerline position out to the outer edge of the right rear tire. The RT40 is also equipped with a six way backfill blade.

** The HD418BT rockwheel attachment  will dig down to a depth of 18'' (45.72 cm) deep and is currently set up to cut 8'' (20.32 cm) wide, but can be set up to cut from 1.5" (cm) out to 8" (20.32 cm).    

      Ditch Witch A620  Backhoe Attachment           $ 2,250.00

This A620 backhoe attachment is in excellent condition and has had little use! It has a 18" (45.72 cm) heavy duty bucket on it with good teeth.

With an A620 utility backhoe attachment, you can dig starts, bell holes and "t" holes, set pedestals and more. The backhoe has an advanced hydraulic design that cushions arm swing for smoother operation and can be used in combination with the rear mounted attachment.

The A620 can dig to a depth of 111" (281.94 cm) and folds up to a stowed width of 77" (195.58 cm). (dig depth is based on 31 x 15.50-15 tires)

The A620 backhoe weighs 1,850 lb (less bucket).

    2012 Ditch Witch RT115 / HD1040BT Traversing Rockwheel   $142,365.90


 Low-hour (126 hours)  RT115 / HD1040BT Traversing rockwheel  is equipped with frame tilt, cruise control, muffler support kit, work/warning light kit, backup alarm kit, six way backfill blade control kit and other features that make the RT115/HD1040BT very productive.  The HD1040BT Traversing Rockwheel allows you to trench in the offset position next to sidewalks or in the right-or-way of a road.  A picture of the unit in the offset position is shown.

This unit is currently set up with 8” wide (20.32 centimeters) segments.  We would install a new set of segments before the unit ships to meet your requirements.

This unit is in excellent condition and ready to go to work.

    Reconditioned 2000 Ditch Witch 1230 Pedestrian Trencher       $ 4,350.00


This 1230 has been through our “Reconditioning” facility and is in excellent operational and physical condition. The quality of the “Reconditioned” equipment that comes out of our reconditioning facility is excellent. This 1230 trencher has been completely gone through from top to bottom. Any part that needed to be replaced has been replaced. The pictures of the 1230 show it with a ‘NEW’ Shark II style digging chain. This style of digging chain is used in tough soil conditions. The 1230 has received new: tires, digging boom, spoils auger, digging chain drive sprocket, handle bars, paint and decals as well as many new bearings, bushings and seals.

Reconditioned 2005 Ditch Witch 1330H Pedestrian Trencher        $4,900.00


The Ditch Witch 1330 is a compact walk-behind trencher that helps you install underground service lines on residential or commercial jobsites with equal ease. The 1330 is built for low maintenance and high reliability as it features an innovative hydraulic oil cooling system that keeps the trencher humming even on the hottest days. The 1330 comes standard with a reversible digging chain drive that allows the digging chain to be operated in reverse for easy dislodging of rocks or other objects that may get lodged in the digging chain. The operator station features quick reference controls and color–coded levers so reliable performance is always within reach. On the business end of the 1330, a forged, heat treated dig chain drive sprocket and a variety of digging boom and chain options allow the 1330 to produce trench that meets the depth and width requirements of your project.  

 The Ditch Witch 1330 is built standard with rugged components and with easy operation in mind. The 1330 is powered by a quiet, fuel-efficient Honda GX390 engine that produces 13 HP/9.7 kW. The 1330 comes standard with: a operator presence system, axle lock that can engage both drive wheels for straight line trenching or free one wheel for added maneuverability, easy to understand color-coded controls that help new operators quickly become proficient 1330 operators, two speed hydraulic ground drive that provides a higher speed for maneuvering around the jobsite and a lower speed for excellent control while trenching, minimal service points and convenient access to service areas.