Reconditioned and Used Ditch Witch Equipment  


Ditch Witch of the Caribbean inventories pre-owned Ditch Witch products and markets these products throughout the Caribbean in one of two ways: As Reconditioned Equipment and Used Equipment.  

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  • Reconditioned Equipment has received extensive attention during the evaluation/repair period in our service facility.  The piece of equipment being reconditioned is disassembled to a point that provides good access to the components that make up the piece of equipment.  A professional service technician evaluates each component and any component deemed "overly worn" is replaced.  All rubber products are inspected and replaced if excessive wear or tear is present.  All fluids (oil,hydrdaulic oil and engine coolant) and filters ( air and oil) are changed and the fluid and air filter systems are tested for leaks.  The equipment receives a new coat of paint and new decals are placed on the unit.  We intend for our "reconditioned" piece of equipment to look and perform as close to original performace of the equipment as possible.
  • Used Equipment is evaluated in our service/repair facility by professional service technicians and any component deemed to be at or very near the end of their useful life is replaced. All used equipment is clean and operating well when it is shipped to the customer. 

Ditch Witch of the Caribbean also inventories other makes and models of construction equipment. This equipment will vary in make and model and will be comprised of construction equipment commonly found on construction sites around the world.